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  • Why is animal-led advertising so appealing?
  • Why is animal-led advertising so appealing?
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The Dog Agency: fostering fame for furry influencers

As the dogs and cats of Instagram gain sizeable followings, brands are clamoring to tap these furry influencers’ audiences. Recognizing that most pet owners are unsure about contracts and legal requirements, The Dog Agency is helping to manage the fine print.

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In 2015, Loni Edwards found herself in a situation that’s become increasingly common among social media-savvy pet owners. Her mini French bulldog, Chloe, had become Instagram-famous. And she wasn’t just getting attention from adoring fans – she was being sought out by brands who wanted to partner with her for sponsored posts, paying anywhere from $3,000 to $15,000 each. [1] Chloe had become a star in her own right, and as Edwards began navigating the often-confusing world of contract negotiations, she realized that just like the many human influencers who were new to working ...



  • Gen Y see their pets as starter children

    Gen Y see their pets as starter children

    Be it putting off marriage, hopping between different jobs, or waiting longer to buy a house, Gen Y are renowned for their reluctance to commit. Research has found that 44% of Gen Yers see their fur babies as a parenting test run for having kids in the future.

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    Dogspotting: turning dog stalking into a sport

    Cats may be the unofficial mascots of the web, but canines are now having their moment. Dogspotting is a Facebook group where people share images of the random pooches they encounter in their daily lives. But what's so appealing about taking photos of other people's pets as a sport?

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    Why more followers doesn’t always mean more influence

    Online influencers have shaped the way people interact with brands since the advent of social media, adding context to products outside of typical advertising channels. But the idea that more followers equate to more consumer sway is not always true. How exactly is influencer marketing evolving?

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    How have pets become part of the family?

    Buying organic rabbit food, brushing your cat’s teeth, and sending your dog for hydrotherapy are no longer considered eccentricities. Pets are taking on human status, and they’re being treated accordingly. How can brands help enrich the lives of pet parents and their beloved fur babies?