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  • Why might doctors prescribe museum visits and dance lessons?
  • Why might doctors prescribe museum visits and dance lessons?
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How social prescribing can help people stay healthy

Social prescribing – wherein patients are told to try creative workshops, regular exercise, and volunteering to improve their wellbeing – has been around for years, but it’s gaining the attention of policy-makers. How can it proactively tackle physical and mental health problems?

Location North America / Northern Europe

The notion of social prescribing, also known as community referral, has been discussed within the healthcare sector for years and is increasingly being recognised as a key part of the approach to improving people’s wellbeing. It’s a demand that’s partly being driven by patients – British GPs spent an estimated 19% of their time addressing social issues rather than medical ones in 2014 – who are looking for new solutions as their trust in big pharma plummets. [1] Social prescribing has also been backed by PM Theresa May as part of the UK government’s ...



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    Swirl: a zine for mental health maintenance

    Between the taboos surrounding anxiety and depression and the sheer number of self-help resources available, tackling mental health can be overwhelming and confusing. Swirl is offering people simple, actionable advice with an aesthetically pleasing and accessible print publication.

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    How yoga and meditation can stretch across society

    Yoga and meditation are evolving from personal pursuits to institutional aids as employers, schools, prisons, and the NHS seek to tap into their physical and mental health benefits. How can the widespread adoption of these practices help enhance the wellbeing of society as a whole?

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    How is health tech improving America’s wellbeing?

    With a thousands of ways to improve the American healthcare system, big tech names, from Uber to Amazon, are stepping in to provide better access, while startups are providing alternatives to traditional care. But do people really want to see a Silicon Valley ethos applied to medical care?

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    WEGO Health: using patient experts to redesign care

    In a precarious healthcare environment, Americans are Googling symptoms and seeking alternative remedies. Aiming to return power to the people, WEGO Health connects ‘Patient Leaders’ with health firms to ensure medical products are made with patient needs in mind.