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  • How is maternity clothing evolving?
  • How is maternity clothing evolving?
    Tanja Heffner (2017) ©

What do German mothers want from womenswear?

As society’s definition of woman- and motherhood evolves in Germany, it’s having a marked impact on the world of fashion. How are brands adapting to the demand for clothing that’s as suitable for soon-to-be mothers as it is for those without kids – both men and women alike?

Location Germany

In spring 2018, the Berlin-based exhibition ‘bitch MATERial’ caused a stir in the German cultural scene by posing the question: “‘What is a mother today? Woman, lioness, slut, whore, or saint?” The two curators, Britta Helbig and Saralisa Volm, aimed to openly discuss the realities of modern motherhood to reflect the debate taking place across all levels of public life in Germany – political, legal, societal, and cultural. [1]

It’s a question that has provided fertile ground for fashion labels. Munich-based brand Womom was founded in 2017 by art director Kerstin Rothkopf and ...



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