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  • What does it mean to be Indian in 2018?
  • What does it mean to be Indian in 2018?
    Jose Aragones (2018) ©

A Cultural Snapshot of India

How does religion shape consumer decisions in India? Why is cash still king despite rapid digitisation? And how are young people grappling with the idea of inclusivity? This Cultural Snapshot uses local stats and case studies to explore behavioural norms shared by Indian people in 2018.

Location India

Culture is notoriously difficult to define. You might know culture when you see it, but could you describe it? For us, culture means the behavioural norms shared by a group of people – the things that are learned socially, rather than inherited genetically. So, culture doesn’t drive the desire to eat, but it plays a big part in determining what food you choose. It’s also constantly on the move. Some aspects of it faster than others.

Anthropologist Grant McCracken divides it into ‘fast’ and ‘slow’. Slow culture shifts over centuries, while fast culture can change in just a few ...



  • Article image Why Indians are wary of rapid digitisation

    The digitisation of India is drastically impacting how people shop, communicate, and entertain themselves. But with dark social platforms unleashing a tide of misinformation and the government pushing to centralise personal data, web users are quickly realising the dark side of connectivity.

  • Article image Why Indians are embracing alternative fitness

    For fitness enthusiasts in India, working up a sweat on conventional gym machines is not as fulfilling as used to be. To break the monotony of weights and cardio, some have begun exploring alternatives that allow them to combine exercise with fun and adventure. But what’s driving this shift?

  • Article image How are Indians managing their money?

    India has traditionally been a nation of savers, but individual approaches previously differed depending on wealth, age, and location. How are demonetisation and the subsequent rise of digital wallets transforming saving habits? And do younger generations even care about building a nest egg?

  • Article image Childfree in India: redefining womanhood

    Despite Indian society and families placing great pressure on women to have kids, a growing number are choosing to be childfree. And as many of them have successful careers, discerning tastes and high spending power, brands can no longer afford to ignore this powerful group.