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  • Does the church favour followers over faith?
  • Does the church favour followers over faith?
    Hillsong (2018) ©

Hillsong: modern faith for Australia’s Gen Z

With church attendance dropping around the globe, connecting with younger generations is as important as ever for religious organisations. Australia’s Hillsong Church has gained mass appeal with Gen Z by combining their interest in spirituality with digital influencers and celebrities.

Location Australia

More than half of Aussies (55%) say they’ll discuss religion or spirituality within friendly gatherings, rising to 65% among Gen Z. [1] It’s an openness among Australians that the Sydney-born Hillsong megachurch has taken full advantage of in a time when church attendance around the world is dropping. With an atmosphere more like a Rihanna gig than a traditional religious service, Hillsong is modernising religion for the celebrity-obsessed, social media-driven Gen Y and Gen Z.





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