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  • Are Gen Zers being forced to educate themselves about sex?
  • Are Gen Zers being forced to educate themselves about sex?
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Big Mouth: Gen Z sex ed in cartoon form

With the number of US teens receiving formal sex education on the decline, Gen Zers are being forced to look elsewhere for the info they need. Animated sitcom Big Mouth has become a hit among teenage viewers, filling the void with its funny and uncompromising take on adolescent sexuality.

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Concepts such as hormones, shame, depression, and body positivity can be tricky things to discuss as a teenager. However, shows like Netflix’s Big Mouth a cartoon following a group of American middle-schoolers trying to manoeuvre their way through a variety of adolescent growing pains, has become a hit among Gen Zers for combining humour and animation to destigmatize issues around sex and puberty.





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