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  • How can postcards get brands noticed?
  • How can postcards get brands noticed?
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Mailchimp: using direct mail to bypass digital overload

Direct marketing has evolved from mailers shoved through doors to emails clogging up inboxes. But as digital overload becomes all-too-common, some brands are struggling to break through the noise. With its custom postcard service, Mailchimp is offering a novel way to grab people’s attention.

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Launched in 2001, Mailchimp has morphed into the world’s largest marketing automation platform, helping businesses send six billion emails a week. [1] It has led the charge in the present ‘golden age’ of online newsletters and has expanded its offerings into ad management on social media and the generation of automated product recommendations, helping the company earn an estimated $525 million in revenue in 2017. [2][3] Now, this digital-first marketing firm is moving into uncharted (and old-school) territory: direct mail. [4]





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