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  • How can AI-led interviews help applicants stand out?
  • How can AI-led interviews help applicants stand out?
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HireVue: streamlining recruitment with AI

The stress of job-hunting peaks at the interview stage, when applicants worry about every detail of their appearance, the words they speak, and body language. HireVue uses AI to streamline recruitment and make it easier for people to show their potential.

Location North America / Northern Europe

Looking for a new job is often stressful. On top of trawling through listings online, there’s the matter of optimizing your resume and the endless waiting to hear back from someone. After all that, with some luck, comes the job interview – yet another source of anxiety as people ponder what to wear and how to make a good first impression. Looking to remove some of the worry from the job hunt is Utah-based tech company HireVue, which harnesses artificial intelligence to streamline recruitment and make it easier for applicants to show their potential.





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