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  • Periods are still a taboo topic
  • Periods are still a taboo topic
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How period brands fill the sex-ed gap in the US

The US education system is failing to teach young women and men the basics of menstruation, so brands are stepping in to fill the gap. What are period-advocacy brands and their products doing to fight the stigma and teach young women about their reproductive health?

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Periods remain such a taboo topic that just this month, Bustle published a piece titled ‘13 TV Episodes That Depict Women Getting Their Periods.’ [1] Women have been menstruating since the dawn of time, but pop culture is only just catching up. And even then, many shows and movies perpetuate negative and false stereotypes: that periods are gross, shameful and, above all else, should be kept secret. “Anything that we do and say around menstruation is rooted in so many layers of cultural and societal stigma,” period activist Jennifer Weiss-Wolf says. [2]

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    From asylum seekers to schoolgirls, 10% of women and girls in the UK will experience period poverty in their lifetime. The new social start-up, Hey Girls is looking to smash the taboo and provide sanitary pads to those in need, but for how much longer will this figure remain so shockingly high?

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    The ‘change’, ‘time of life’ or – more simply – the menopause, remains a taboo topic for many; 70% of menopausal women don’t inform their employer that they’re experiencing symptoms. But how are they coping and how is increased media coverage changing the way this life stage is discussed?

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    While nearly half of women say they prefer to buy from companies that challenge gender stereotypes, branded feminism in the form of pink-washed products and #girlpower hashtags is often seen as insensitive and unimpressive. So, how can marketers empower women in an authentic way?

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    Bodyform’s ‘Blood’ commercial is the first to tackle the physical manifestation of having a period. Vials of blue liquid and grinning, rollerblading models have been replaced with blood from powerful sportswomen. Does this advert represent real women’s attitudes to menstruation?