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  • What are people’s coping strategies for the festive season?
  • What are people’s coping strategies for the festive season?
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What causes Americans stress over Christmas?

Christmas may be the happiest time of the year among those who celebrate it, but it comes with plenty of stressors – whether that’s money, family, or gift-giving. Canvas8 spoke to 20 people from across the US to find out what tends to worry them around the festive season and how they plan to cope.

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When Amazon announced one-click delivery for Christmas trees, it zeroed in on how, while the festive season is largely regarded as the happiest time of the year among those who celebrate it, there’s plenty to be stressed about too. Indeed, 31% of Americans describe this holiday season as ‘frantic’, with 41% saying they work too hard to achieve the ‘perfect Christmas’. [1]

The desire to get ahead of the Christmas rush has roughly 40% of internet users in the US beginning to cross items off their holiday lists by the end of October. ...



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    Start at the end! The science of backward planning

    From moving, to arranging a wedding, we often plan chronologically. But is this the best way to achieve our goals? Canvas8 spoke to Dr. Jooyoung Park, an assistant professor at Peking University HSBC Business School, about how backwards planning can pave a better path towards success.

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    How did tech become the perfect gift?

    Rather than worry about whether a loved one would prefer a bracelet, a bottle of wine, or a hot air balloon ride, a growing number of people are choosing to give the gift of technology. But why are digital devices so perfect as presents? And how do these gadgets integrate into recipients’ lives?

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    Can Christmas dinner ‘go clean’?

    The traditional excesses of the festive season sit in stark contrast with the ever-strong healthy-eating movement. Does better-for-you behaviour have a chance against entrenched seasonal habit? How do ‘virtuous eaters’ celebrate and is there a new ‘clean Christmas’ trend in the making?

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    For me? The science of sentimental gifting

    A GameStop voucher may seem like an ideal gift for a gamer, but it’s not necessarily what they’d want to receive. Canvas8 spoke to Julian Givi, a doctoral candidate at Carnegie Mellon University, to learn why a fear of missing the mark means people shy away from giving something more meaningful.