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  • The digital art space is growing
  • The digital art space is growing
    Valeria Andersson (2017) ©

How are people engaging with digital art?

The rise in digital media and handheld tech has prompted how artists explore and use technology as a new medium to create engaging digital works of art. Using everything from AR and VR to GIFs, holograms and AI to algorithms and code, artists are expanding what consumers consider ‘art’ to be.

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From Pokémon Go to VR porn, virtual and augmented reality are becoming more present in the mainstream. And as coding classes and other initiatives help people to improve their digital know-how, the creative potential of these technologies is expanding. As artists begin to explore digital art, how can brands use these burgeoning art forms to engage their audiences?

Digital art presents some challenges to those who want to collect it – how do you price a GIF or preserve a video? And, with so much of digital media predicated on sharing, how do you authenticate or safeguard original ...



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    Can you separate art from the artist?

    The issue of ethics in entertainment has never been more widespread. And with consumers becoming less tolerant of suspect creators, Canvas8 spoke to Dr Pamela Rutledge, director of the Media Psychology Research Center, to find out what brands can learn from this shift in behaviour.

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    CLF Art Cafe: making arts spaces a community affair

    The CLF Art Cafe in Peckham, London, has become something of a nightlife institution since opening its doors in 2007. By giving back what the community has put in, the multi-purpose space has been able to provide creative sanctuary at a time when art is the first victim of austerity.

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    Urban Nation: repainting perceptions of street art

    Berlin is fast becoming a mecca for street art, with spray-painted works adorning surfaces throughout the city. So, it’s fitting that the German capital is home to the world’s first museum dedicated to the art form – Urban Nation. How can it change attitudes to this method of creative expression?

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    Why relationships trump tech in online art sales

    Over half of Gen Yers say they’d buy art on the web, but most transactions happen in face-to-face contexts, while 49% of online art buyers still prefer visiting physical spaces. So, what in-roads is digital making into the market, and is it the great democratising force it's often made out to be?