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  • How are American attitudes to sleep changing?
  • How are American attitudes to sleep changing?
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Gravity Blanket: a sleep aid designed to tackle anxiety

Anxiety disorders affect nearly a fifth of Americans, with constant connectedness, loneliness, and divisive politics exacerbating their feelings of distress and potentially leading to sleep problems. How is the Gravity Blanket helping people rest easier without relying on prescription solutions?

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With 18.1% of adults affected each year, anxiety is America’s most common mental health disorder, one that’s being exacerbated in the modern age by blue light-emitting smartphones, loneliness, a changing work culture, social media pressures, and divisive politics. [1] As well as causing potentially debilitating distress to sufferers, the condition can lead to sleep problems. [2] The Gravity Blanket, which raised more than $4.7 million on Kickstarter, is a weighted duvet that pledges to help users get a good night’s rest by applying moderate pressure to increase relaxation hormones.




  • Article image Sleep With Me: monotonous podcasts to help you nod off

    Many Americans struggle to wind down at the end of the day, with one in three getting less than seven hours of shut-eye each night. But there are better ways to doze off than counting sheep. Sleep With Me is a purposefully dull podcast that sends listeners to sleep before they can finish an episode.

  • Article image Rain Rain: white noise for sleep hackers

    One in three Americans report getting less than seven hours of rest each night, while 63% of Britons are unhappy with the amount of sleep they get – but could simply playing certain sounds improve sleep quality? The Rain Rain app promises to help you drift off with white noise and relaxing sounds.

  • Article image How can brands help us sleep better?

    Since the industrial revolution, sleep has been compromised for the sake of productivity. But as studies reveal its importance to physical and mental health, companies are beginning to encourage better slumber. How are tech and medicine stepping in to repay our collective sleep debt?

  • Article image Lunya: luxury pyjamas that improve your sleep

    The rise of athleisure has prompted brands to make comfortable clothing that’s fashionable as well as functional. Santa Monica-based Lunya is now shaking up the sleepwear market in a similar manner, offering stylish pyjamas and loungewear that work to improve the wearer’s slumber.