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  • Paying off debt can be a cause for celebration
  • Paying off debt can be a cause for celebration
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SoFi: creating a milestone moment out of clearing debt

Stagnant wages and rising living costs have many Americans delaying traditional life milestones. At the same time though, new moments have gained significance, and a campaign from fintech firm SoFi has honed in on the final payment of one’s student loans as an occasion worth celebrating.

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Previous generations may have looked to marriage or starting a family as causes for celebration, but in 2018 the goalposts are radically changing. Student debt – which is valued at $1.5 trillion in the US – is often the reason why college graduates don’t aspire to the expensive weddings and property ownership that marked their parents’ transition to adulthood. [1] Acknowledging the mammoth challenge of overcoming one’s debts, personal finance company SoFi has created an ad that reframes the act of paying it all off as a ‘graduation’, tapping into people’s changing definitions of a life milestone.




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    Stash: accessible, app-based investing for Gen Y

    The investing world can seem daunting, especially to those who don’t have much saved up. But with a $5 entry point, no need for major outlays, and a constant stream of information, condensed into an easy-to-understand smartphone app, Stash is helping Gen Yers build their portfolios.

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    Wela: helping Gen Y families manage their money

    American Gen Yers have never been in so much debt – those aged 30-39 owe a combined total of $408.4 billion in student loans alone – and as they start to have families, their money worries are only growing. How can apps like Wela helping these young households tackle their financial crises?

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