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  • How do masculine stereotypes impact men’s health?
  • How do masculine stereotypes impact men’s health?
    Nick Karvounis (2016) ©

Hims: bringing self-care to a male market

While people may associate erectile dysfunction and baldness treatments with older men, Hims is targeting a younger market. By using a tone of voice that’s more approachable than a regular pharma firm, it’s helping to guide them around the pain points that impact personal health and self-care.

Location United States

With its ‘best mate’ marketing and no-fuss products, Hims has been hailed as ‘the Glossier for men’. But the brand sells more than skincare, offering pleasantly-packaged generic Viagra, hair-loss treatments, and cold-sore medication. It’s bringing ‘self-care’ into the male vocabulary, tapping into the fact that younger men are becoming more proactive about how they treat their bodies inside and out.





  • Article image Tenga Men’s Loupe: a smartphone-based sperm test

    When couples can’t conceive, the spotlight often falls on the woman, though the problem is as likely to lie with the man. Tenga turns the tables by putting male fertility under the microscope. Its device turns smartphones into testing kits, letting men check their sperm without leaving their homes.

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    Men’s health is in bad shape. Despite being more likely to smoke, drink and be overweight, men are less likely to visit a GP, with a third embarrassed to seek help for mental health issues. Can more accessible services from the Men's Health Forum encourage blokes to take better care of themselves?

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