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  • How are people making time for music?
  • How are people making time for music?
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Do Americans ever ‘actively’ listen to music?

Thanks to streaming platforms, people are able to soundtrack their lives with a near-constant stream of new and familiar music. But how often are listeners actually tuned in? Canvas8 spoke to 20 men and women from across the US to find out how and when music gets their full, undivided attention.

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Never one to downplay his hype, Kanye West launched his album Ye in June 2018 with a listening party in Wyoming, complete with a bonfire, merchandise launch and a start-to-finish playback of the record for 400 guests. This was followed by #ProjectWyoming, a series of live promotional events across the world centered around a playback of Ye on stadium-quality speakers. [1] Such events are hardly new – everyone from Taylor Swift to Metallica has hosted them – and their popularity among both artists and fans attests to a feeling that some listening experiences deserve dedicated ...



  • Article image Where are audiophiles seeking high quality sound?

    Streaming services have enabled people to instantly access music on their devices – but they’re also normalising substandard audio quality. In their quest for high-fidelity experiences, some audiophiles are now seeking venues that put music first, prizing purity of sound over all other factors.

  • Article image Why old listening habits die hard in Japan

    Despite Japan’s reputation as a world leader in technology, the nation’s audiophiles have been slow to embrace music streaming, with many people still craving vinyl and making regular trips to CD stores. What’s got the world’s second-largest music market stuck on physical media?

  • Happy music can speed up memory recall Happy music can speed up memory recall

    Be it the angsty anthem that appealed to your rebellious teen self or the tear-jerker that got you over a break-up, a certain song can bring back all kinds of memories. But new research suggests that different types of music can actually have a deeper impact on memory recall than others.

  • Article image TSC Music: audio that improves your ears

    Headphones may have enabled people to listen to music wherever and whenever they want, but unchecked sound levels could be harming our ears. TSC Music is an app that customises the listening experience to the individual, preserving and improving hearing ability in the process.