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  • How is Care/of removing suspicions around supplements?
  • How is Care/of removing suspicions around supplements?
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Care/of: adding a dose of transparency to vitamins

Although 76% of Americans take dietary supplements, the efficacy of vitamins in health and beauty regimens is questionable due to poor regulation. With pills and sachets that are tailored to individual needs, Care/of is hoping that transparency will get people taking vitamins more seriously.

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“The act of taking vitamins is a bit like remembering to floss,” writes Anna Stevenett for Into The Gloss, “often recommended by trusted medical professionals, but questioned by ordinary, everyday people just as frequently.” [1] Whether they’re skeptical of the health benefits or simply unable to keep up with a daily regimen, many people choose not to buy supplements. With packs that are tailored to a person’s specific needs, Care/of is trying to get Americans taking vitamins more seriously, while adding a dose of radical transparency.





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