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  • Does brand loyalty matter to shoppers anymore?
  • Does brand loyalty matter to shoppers anymore?
    Nike (2018) ©

It’s not exclusive! The science of brand relationships

With 51% of Britons unable to name a favourite brand, people’s connections to the products  they buy are seemingly changing. Canvas8 spoke to Pankaj Aggarwal, professor of marketing at the University of Toronto, to learn how different types of brand relationships impact consumer behaviour.

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In September 2018, Nike launched a campaign featuring former San Francisco 49ers quarterback Colin Kaepernick. A black and white photo of the athlete – who in 2016 famously became the face of protests against racial and social injustice after kneeling during the national anthem – was accompanied by the tagline: ‘Believe in something. Even if it means sacrificing everything’.

Despite praise from many consumers, mixing racial politics and sports sparked a backlash, with #NikeBoycott trending on Twitter and the company’s stock price tumbling by 3% within 24 hours of the campaign’s launch. But as a brand with ...



  • Article image Why do Britons love ‘own brand’ groceries?

    As own brand products have evolved from simply ‘cheap’ options into desirable and competitive goods, those who couldn’t afford to buy anything else have been joined by people from all backgrounds. How is this embrace of private labels changing Britons’ sense of loyalty to traditional brands?

  • Article image Call me what you like! The science of brand nicknames

    McDonald’s may embrace ‘Maccas’ Down Under while Chevrolet rejects 'Chevvy', but how do these monikers affect a company’s perception? Canvas8 spoke to Zhe Zhang, a doctoral candidate in marketing, to learn how nicknames impact people’s relationships with brands.

  • Article image Which schemes create loyal customers?

    Customer loyalty is no longer something that retailers can rely on – it's become the norm to shop around for the best deal and 'cheat' on a favourite brand. Yet given how valuable a loyal customer can be for a business in the long term, which schemes can help to forge strong relationships?

  • Emotive labelling can boost brand loyalty Emotive labelling can boost brand loyalty

    When it comes to packaged goods, product labelling often has a lot of work to do to win people over. Research has found that bright labels and messages that spark curiosity can nudge people into buying, but too much can overload shoppers with too much information.