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  • How can Reddit help people learn about the wider world?
  • How can Reddit help people learn about the wider world?
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R/GlobalTalk: local news for an international audience

Mainstream media outlets tend to focus on domestic affairs and major international issues, neglecting much of what’s happening elsewhere in the world. Through r/GlobalTalk, Reddit users are shedding light on non-English speaking parts of the internet, bringing local stories to a global audience.

Location Global

Between 24-hour news, smartphones, and social media, the world is more connected than ever. But with so much information available, it’s natural that the most dramatic events or those with the most significance to domestic audiences are prioritised by national publications and broadcasters. For information on one’s immediate area, people are often left turning to local media outlets or groups on social platforms. The r/GlobalTalk subreddit positions itself between these two extremes as a source of local news – or “things people are talking about” – for an international audience. Having drawn more than 45,000 subscribers within a ...



  • Article image Everyday Africa: reframing a continent via Instagram

    There are over 1.2 billion people across Africa’s 54 countries, but selective media coverage has resulted in their lives being woefully stereotyped. By showcasing photos of ordinary scenes throughout the continent, Instagram-based project Everyday Africa is challenging outdated perceptions.

  • Article image r/MaleFashionAdvice: casual tips for menswear novices

    The male fashion market is set to surpass womenswear by 2020 as more men pay closer attention to their outfits. But as not all blokes know their Stone Island from their Supreme, Reddit’s r/MaleFashionAdvice offers a warm and open forum for them to discuss all things style-related.

  • Article image Userfeeds: fighting fake news by ranking reputation

    The rise of ‘fake news’ has been facilitated by social media platforms such as Facebook and Twitter, through which 62% of Americans keep up-to-date with current affairs. To combat misinformation, Userfeeds has created a system built on blockchain tech that promotes content based on reputation.

  • Article image How reliable is news shared on social media?

    Filter bubbles and ‘fake news’ have people concerned about the credibility of content shared on Facebook and Twitter; 13% of Britons say stories posted on these platforms are mostly unreliable. Canvas8 sat down with 20 people across the UK to get their views on social media as a news source.