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  • Cannabis is cultivating a new, healthful image
  • Cannabis is cultivating a new, healthful image
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How has cannabis become a cure-all?

As the legalization movement has destigmatized marijuana use across the US, weed-centric start-ups, lifestyle brands, and media companies have flourished. And while cannabis culture is nothing new, the modern iteration of it, which incorporates health and a high-end aesthetic, certainly is.

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From high-design brands and editorial projects to High Maintenance being HBO’s coup-de-coeur, the social climate in the US is rife with a new sense of openness and acceptance of cannabis use. In the public consciousness, it’s moved from a harmless yet illegal drug to a potential wellness goldmine. This has been driven, in part, by progressive legislation – nine states and Washington DC have legalized recreational marijuana, while 30 have legalized its use medically. [1]

Meanwhile, the burgeoning adoption of the legal cannabis compound CBD – which is legal in 17 states and is considered safe ...



  • Article image MedMen: a mainstream marijuana mega-brand

    With a slick, minimal aesthetic, MedMen’s approach to selling marijuana has drawn comparisons to mega-brands Apple and Starbucks. By creating a welcoming brick-and-mortar space, it’s hoping to normalize cannabis use – not just for stoners and those who need it medically, but for the masses.

  • Article image Herb Essentials: ‘green beauty’ goes premium

    ‘Green beauty’ is taking on new meaning as a flock of skin care brands begin to experiment with cannabis. Herb Essentials’ moisturizers and lotions draw on the oil-regulating properties of the plant, but will the persistent stigmatization of cannabis and slow-moving legislation stand in its way?

  • Article image Women for weed: cannabis culture gets a makeover

    When we think ‘stoner’, we rarely picture a female – but legalisation in the US is turning the tide on weed culture. An increasing number of women are now ‘out’ about their toking habit and some are getting into the industry, suggesting that when it comes to cannabis, the future might just be female.

  • Article image The Herbal Chef: taking fine dining to new highs

    With recreational marijuana legal in four US states, foodie stoners no longer have to settle for home-made hash cakes. Now, they can enjoy ‘high cuisine’ from The Herbal Chef, who uses cannabis to give diners the gourmet munchies. Could this stoned supper club be the ultimate in immersive dining?