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  • Why wait to plan for your death?
  • Why wait to plan for your death?
    Matthew Bennett (2017) ©

Beyond: making the afterlife more affordable for Britons

Nobody likes to talk about death – only 25% of Britons have spoken to someone about their end-of-life wishes – but given the financial and legal difficulties that can arise, it makes sense to plan ahead. With its direct and transparent approach, Beyond helps people better prepare for their passing.

Location United Kingdom

A sun-drenched beach filled with attractive surfers carrying coffin lids under their arms. A list of symptoms of an illness, with the last item being that you should write a will. [1] These are just a few of the adverts created by affordable funeral care company Beyond, all seeking to bring death to the forefront of people's minds. In doing so, it’s hoping to open up conversations about the matter and encourage prudent planning for the future.





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