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  • Modern culture fans are less tolerant of suspect creators
  • Modern culture fans are less tolerant of suspect creators
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Can you separate art from the artist?

The issue of ethics in entertainment has never been more widespread. And with consumers becoming less tolerant of suspect creators, Canvas8 spoke to Dr Pamela Rutledge, director of the Media Psychology Research Center, to find out what brands can learn from this shift in behaviour.

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In May 2018, music streaming giant Spotify announced it was removing all R Kelly songs from its own-branded, curated playlists. It was a move sparked by the continuing sexual-assault allegations levelled at the R&B superstar, as well as accusations of paedophilia, creating child pornography and running a sex cult. [1]

Of course, R Kelly isn’t the only artist in the public eye to cross ethical boundaries. Even before the #MeToo movement – triggered in late 2017 by sexual misconduct allegations against Hollywood mogul Harvey Weinstein (and a whole host of men in positions of power ...



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    Why companies should get men engaged in diversity

    When men are involved in gender diversity in the workplace, 96% of companies report progress. How can companies encourage men to engage with gender inclusion? Canvas8 sat down with  Sandra Ondraschek-Norris of Catalyst Europe to understand how employee engagement benefits everyone.

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    How can social networks be manipulated for good?

    If a social network’s members remain the same but everyone’s place is reshuffled, could it impact their quality of life for the better? Canvas8 spoke to Nicholas Christakis, Nudgestock speaker and Yale professor, to learn how our online and offline networks can be harnessed for positive change.

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    Who made my clothes? The science of wilful ignorance

    Eco-conscious consumers may say they’ll only buy sustainable food and fashion, but their actions don’t always match their words. Canvas8 spoke to Rebecca Walker Reczek, associate professor of marketing at the Fisher College of Business, to find out why we’re wilfully ignorant of ethical issues.

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    #MeToo: accountability with a hashtag

    After Hollywood producer Harvey Weinstein’s history of alleged sexual misconduct was bared to the world, social feeds were flooded with a singular expression: #MeToo. The hashtag went viral, inspiring over half a million tweets in just 24 hours, but can people really find solace in an online trend?