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  • How are Insta Boomers harnessing their influence?
  • How are Insta Boomers harnessing their influence?
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Insta Boomers: older women making ageing glam online

Instagram has long been the domain of the young and glamorous, but a small group of older women is stepping up to claim a slice of the pie. These Boomers are using social media to subvert social norms around ageing, remaining as outspoken in later life as they were in their youth.

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In the 2018 movie Mamma Mia! Here We Go Again, Cher is every inch the diva – in spite of being 71. From her sharp white pantsuit, oversized sunglasses, and perfectly coiffed silvery-blonde locks, right down to the walking stick in her hand, the singer hasn’t seen age cramp her style one bit.

Her appearance in the film reflects the fact that ageing simply isn’t what it used to be. Studies have shown that older people across the world are happier, healthier, and more satisfied with life than ever before. [1][2] This can be attributed ...



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    Age is just a number! The science of feeling young

    Although over-50s hold the vast majority of the world’s wealth, marketers tend to direct their attention – and budgets – towards younger audiences. Canvas8 spoke to Cesare Amatulli and Alessandro M. Peluso to find out how youth-focused advertising impacts the spending habits of Seniors.

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    Why ageing is a battle for many American women

    For many women, wrinkles and grey hair are seen as things that must be fixed to maintain a sense of self. Abigail T. Brooks, author of The Ways Women Age, explains why women feel pressure to stop time in its tracks, and how easy access to Botox is impacting perceptions of ageing.

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    Beauty Dossier: putting age before beauty

    The beauty industry is obsessed with youthfulness, but with only 3% of women over 40 using make-up to look younger, they’re finding it difficult to relate to many brands. Can Beauty Dossier inspire them to break out of their beauty rut with an online course tailored to a mature market?

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    UK Boomers on Technology

    Boomers may be on their way to retirement, but they take pride in staying young – and tech is increasingly a part of that. Canvas8 sat down with Brits between the ages of 50 and 69 to find out what tech they couldn’t live without and how they really feel about devices at the dinner table.