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  • How can e-commerce help florists flourish?
  • How can e-commerce help florists flourish?
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Freddie’s Flowers: bouquets on a subscription basis

Subscription boxes have seen success in industries ranging from fashion to cosmetics to food, enabling people to avoid a trip to the shops for everyday essentials and treats. With freshly cut bouquets sent to customers on a weekly basis, Freddie’s Flowers is embracing this model for floristry.

Location United Kingdom

When you don’t have the right words to express your feelings, sometimes the best option is to say it with flowers. But the way that people are buying those blooms could be changing. While traditional florists are arguably a mainstay on British high streets, there has been a surge in the number of businesses offering bouquets online and via apps. And some of these companies, like London-based Freddie’s Flowers, have adopted a subscription model to let customers receive fresh flowers direct to their door on a weekly basis.





  • Article image Why Gen Y have become obsessed with plants

    Gen Y is embracing gardening, with growing plants and herbs indoors becoming a popular pastime for urban dwellers. Whether to boost wellbeing, bring a sense of calm to urban spaces or simply for its ease of maintenance, gardening is brushing off the soil of its previously stuffy image.

  • Article image HyggeBox: packaged cosiness for stressed out Brits

    Denmark is commodifying and exporting 'hygge', an untranslatable concept that’s roughly understood as a sense of cosiness and contentment. With mental health issues on the rise worldwide, monthly subscription box HyggeBox is aiming to bring this sense of calm to stressed out Brits.

  • Article image Patch: growing a generation of urban gardeners

    With Gen Yers squeezing into ever smaller spaces in cities, it may seem like an unlikely time for a gardening boom. But there’s a whole generation of well-heeled and house-proud urbanites looking to make the most of their outdoor areas, and London-based Patch is helping their gardens grow.

  • Bloom & Wild makes it easier to send flowers Bloom & Wild makes it easier to send flowers

    Sending flowers can sometimes communicate what words can’t. Bloom & Wild has made it easier than ever to send flowers to your loved ones via a partnership with Shutl that promises a two-hour delivery time for a chosen bouquet that can be delivered through the mailbox.