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  • Can start-ups help avert an ecological crisis?
  • Can start-ups help avert an ecological crisis?
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How Germans are helping to save the bees

The demise of bee colonies around the world has sparked fears about how humans will survive without these invaluable insect pollinators. In Germany, amateur apiarists, start-ups, researchers, and farmers are banding together via online platforms to help hives thrive in spite of climate change.

Location Germany

The demise of honey bees is a problem that’s escalating in the 21st century. Colony collapse disorder – the strange phenomenon wherein the majority of worker bees abandons a hive, leaving behind food, a queen and some nurse bees to care for young ones – has been observed across the world, notably affecting North America and European countries such as Germany, Switzerland and France. [1][2]

This die-off may have a much more serious impact than merely causing a decline in honey supplies – it’s estimated that bees pollinate 80% of crops eaten by humans. While ...



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  • Global warming is the most pressing issue for Germans Global warming is the most pressing issue for Germans

    While terror attacks and crime dominate international headlines, 71% of Germans say they're most personally concerned about climate change. Even in the midst of political turbulence elsewhere, they're staying true to their values, and thinking about the future as well as the present.

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  • Aldi bans pesticides for the survival of bees Aldi bans pesticides for the survival of bees

    We need bees. Without those little black and yellow bugs, our food system would collapse. German chain Aldi Süd has become the first supermarket to make it a requirement for suppliers in Germany to phase out toxins that are harmful to bees, leading others to implement similar changes.