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  • How can brands appeal to Aussies in their ‘golden years’?
  • How can brands appeal to Aussies in their ‘golden years’?
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What do Australian Seniors want from brands?

Often subjected to ageism, Australia’s Seniors remain optimistic and have plenty of savings to spend on brands that treat them nicely. So what exactly does the nation’s swelling cohort of ageing yet adventurous and vivacious consumers want to experience before their sun finally sets?

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Australia’s spritely older generation makes up a sizable part of the population. Around 3.7 million Australians or 15% are aged 65 and older. And the number and proportion of older Aussies look set to keep increasing. By 2056, it is projected that this demographic will be more than double: 8.7 million or 22% of the population. [1] Ever more people – 26% of males and 40% of females – will live to age 90 and beyond, thanks to a wave of resilient baby boomers. [2]

The burgeoning cohort of senior consumers needs to be courted ...



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    Age is just a number! The science of feeling young

    Although over-50s hold the vast majority of the world’s wealth, marketers tend to direct their attention – and budgets – towards younger audiences. Canvas8 spoke to Cesare Amatulli and Alessandro M. Peluso to find out how youth-focused advertising impacts the spending habits of Seniors.

  • Australian Seniors are shopping more online

    Australian Seniors are shopping more online

    Online shopping is gaining popularity with Australian Seniors, as sales from this group are expected to grow at twice the rate of the average Australian shopper. With Australia’s aging population nervous about its future finances, many are increasingly looking for online bargains.

  • Old Mate tackles suicide among Australian Seniors

    Old Mate tackles suicide among Australian Seniors

    In Australia, men over the age of 85 commit suicide at twice the national rate and it’s social isolation that’s mainly to blame. In a bid to improve the mental health of Seniors Down Under, Old Mate is a campaign encouraging Gen Yers to commit to spending time with the elderly.

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    What’s the best thing about getting older?

    While one might imagine later life as a time of loneliness and declining health, research suggests that old age is accompanied by wealth and happiness. Canvas8 sat down with 20 British Boomers and Seniors to explore their attitudes to ageing, and to find out the best thing about getting older.