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  • Do Australia’s middle-aged mums really have a drinking problem?
  • Do Australia’s middle-aged mums really have a drinking problem?
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Why Australian mums worry about that glass of wine

Despite growing evidence that Aussies are moderating their drinking behaviour, mainstream media regularly raises the red flag regarding the drinking habits of middle-aged mums. The consequence is a perpetuating cycle of stress-drinking about factors that contribute to stress-drinking.  

Location Australia

Generally speaking, Australians are pretty aware of their “drinking image”. Many people see Aussie habits as indicative of an alcohol problem, albeit an acceptable one. And while half of Australians are making the effort to moderate the behaviour, mainstream media would lead you to believe the country has an alcoholic epidemic – especially among middle-aged mums.

The average Australian is a 38-year-old mum who is married with two kids. [1] According to recent data, there is a fair chance she enjoys a glass or two of wine on the odd occasion, and probably even less than she ...



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