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  • What exactly influences our social circles?
  • What exactly influences our social circles?
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How can social networks be manipulated for good?

If a social network’s members remain the same but everyone’s place is reshuffled, could it impact their quality of life for the better? Canvas8 spoke to Nicholas Christakis, Nudgestock speaker and Yale professor, to learn how our online and offline networks can be harnessed for positive change.

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The jury is still out on social networks. According to the 2018 Edelman Trust Barometer, only 24% of Britons trust these platforms, while seven in ten believe that they don’t do enough to prevent cyberbullying and the spread of extremist content. [1] Yet at the same time, #MeToo saw 4.7 million Facebook users engage with the taboo topic of sexual harassment within a 24-hour period, showing that social networks can also facilitate positive societal shifts. [2]

Nicholas Christakis, a professor of social and natural sciences at Yale University and the director of Yale’s Human Nature ...



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    Lifefaker: unhealthy social media habits exposed

    For digital natives, Facebook and Instagram are key social lifelines – but they also present a risk to users’ wellbeing as they judge themselves by what they see on these platforms. How is satirical site Lifefaker sparking a conversation about the dangers of obsessing over one’s online image?

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    Why social media Stories have got people hooked

    The ‘Stories’ features on Instagram and Snapchat have proven popular among users for their impermanence, authenticity, and behind-the-scenes nature. But how exactly are they being used by brands, celebrities and regular people? And how are these temporary digital tales evolving?

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    How reliable is news shared on social media?

    Filter bubbles and ‘fake news’ have people concerned about the credibility of content shared on Facebook and Twitter; 13% of Britons say stories posted on these platforms are mostly unreliable. Canvas8 sat down with 20 people across the UK to get their views on social media as a news source.

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    Why does misinformation spread online?

    Trump’s Presidential win left half the world aghast, and the other half saying ‘I told you so’, raising all kinds of questions about the flow of information online. And it's led to a call for social platforms and media outlets to take some responsibility. But is it too little, too late?