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  • How can brands encourage us to book a holiday?
  • How can brands encourage us to book a holiday?
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What gets people in the mood to book a holiday?

Online holiday bookings may offer convenience, but removing a physical travel agent can make the process overwhelming. Canvas8 sat down with Johann Rozario, e-commerce product owner at Booking.com to understand how behavioural science can be harnessed to give people a better experience.

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The way we book holidays has transformed. The high-street travel agent is no longer people’s first port of call. In 2017, 83% of Brits booked their holiday online. [1] One platform that has been part of this transformation is Booking.com. Since its establishment in 1996 in Amsterdam, the platform has become one of the largest travel e-commerce companies in the world, with more than 28,600,000 listings, from apartments to five-star hotels. Every day, more than 1,500,000 rooms are reserved on the platform. [2]

People booking online generally don’t have a travel agent to ...



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    Are two week holidays a thing of the past?

    A holiday used to be a two-week affair once a year. But with always-on lifestyles and enticing getaways at the click of a button, Britons are escaping the daily grind in shorter stints, more than ever before. So how can brands tap into the UK’s newfound passion for bite-sized getaways?

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    Who do Britons spend their holidays with?

    Budget flights and envy-inducing Instagram feeds have fuelled Britons’ sense of wanderlust, contributing to the record 70.8 million overseas trips they took in 2016. But who are they bringing along for the ride? Canvas8 spoke to 20 people to find out what company they like to keep on vacation.

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    How the package holiday is being personalised

    Comparison sites such as Kayak and Skyscanner have enabled people to find the best deals for their own holidays, contributing to the decline of the high street travel agent. But with ‘information overload’ a common source of stress, how is the package trip being adapted for demanding travellers?

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    How do we shop for a holiday?

    As travellers, we’re now more savvy and time-precious than ever before. We love short city breaks more than two weeks in the sun and prefer living like a local to holing up in hotels. Our holiday habits have changed dramatically, but how has our approach to booking a vacation shifted?