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  • How has Gymshark achieved a cult-like following?
  • How has Gymshark achieved a cult-like following?
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Gymshark: influencer-backed fashion for athletes

With athleisure taking the fashion world by storm, brands are struggling to compete in an oversaturated market. UK-based Gymshark has made its mark in the fitness-wear arena by aligning its products to popular YouTube and Instagram influencers to create a cult following of 18-25 year olds.

Location United Kingdom

Of the four million posts tagged #gymshark on Instagram, the majority showcase ‘swole’ women and men flexing, posing and lifting formidable sets of weights. Beyond the muscles, they share common attire – flattering fitness wear in colours from ombre beetroot to mottled grey, emblazoned with Gymshark branding. In an oversaturated athleisure market, Gymshark has leveraged cult-like devotion to fitness influencers to make its mark.





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