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  • How do Americans really feel about consumer finance?
  • How do Americans really feel about consumer finance?
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How do Americans feel about consumer finance?

Even as consumer finance regulations loosen, people in America are still apprehensive about how to choose the right financial product. Canvas8 surveyed 3,300 Americans and spoke to 20 people across the US to figure out how people get the financial information they need.

Location United States

Amid loosening regulations for consumer finance in the United States, a lending frenzy has seen Wall Street banks wooing people with cheaper and easier credit. [1][2] Positive growth in mortgages, student loans, auto loans and credit cards caused consumer debt in the US to increase by 1.5% for the fifth consecutive year, hitting a record total of $13.5 trillion in the final quarter of 2017. [3] Previous fears about how fintech could disrupt the traditional lending sector have cooled, as big banks are finding new avenues to reach customers through emulating and collaborating ...



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    Stash: accessible, app-based investing for Gen Y

    The investing world can seem daunting, especially to those who don’t have much saved up. But with a $5 entry point, no need for major outlays, and a constant stream of information, condensed into an easy-to-understand smartphone app, Stash is helping Gen Yers build their portfolios.

  • #Cryptodad brings new and old-school finance together

    #Cryptodad brings new and old-school finance together

    J Christopher Giancarlo, chairman of the Commodity Futures Trading Commission is known as 'Cryptodad' among young crypto-enthusiasts. By championing virtual currencies in a conservative financial establishment, Giancarlo is helping generations of investors to get on the same page.

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    Wela: helping Gen Y families manage their money

    American Gen Yers have never been in so much debt – those aged 30-39 owe a combined total of $408.4 billion in student loans alone – and as they start to have families, their money worries are only growing. How can apps like Wela helping these young households tackle their financial crises?

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    Unmortgage: financing first-time buyers

    From being saddled with student debt, to sky-high housing prices, the dream of owning a home has never seemed more distant to most Gen Yers. Claiming to be “the missing step,” Unmortgage is helping people put down roots with a scheme that partially finances their homes.

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    2018 Expert Outlook on Money

    Are we comfortable with outsourcing our decisions to AI? How will traditional banks cope in a digital world? Will new EU legislation really shake up the sector? In this part of the 2018 Expert Outlook series, we speak to three money experts about what’s changing in the way people bank and spend globally.

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    AMP Goals 360: robo-advice for Gen Y’s finances

    Almost half of Aussies regularly daydream about the future, but just 20% of young people have sought financial advice that could help them later in life. How is AMP Goals 360 – an interactive advice service – helping a tech-savvy generation get more engaged with their finances?

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    How blockchain builds trust beyond finance

    Blockchain, the digital scaffolding behind cryptocurrency bitcoin, has hit critical mass and is being taken seriously by major conglomerates and governments alike. Canvas8 spoke to technology strategist Paul Armstrong to understand how it might make an impact beyond the financial world.

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    Coconut Bank: cracking open finance for freelancers

    The gig economy enables people to enjoy flexible hours and juggle other priorities with greater ease than in a full-time job. But working this way can also create issues around payments, expenses and taxes. Help is now at hand from Coconut, the first bank account specially designed for freelancers.