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  • Strong is the new skinny for many women
  • Strong is the new skinny for many women
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Girls Who Lift: women who aren’t afraid to go heavy

The weights section of the gym used to be dominated by men who flaunted their muscles and machismo. But with increasing numbers of young women building their physical and mental strength through weight training, girls who lift are challenging outdated ideals of the female form.

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The weights area of the gym has long been a boys’ club, where testosterone, machismo, and pain-induced grunts are in high supply. But some women are now challenging outdated ideals about the female body by choosing to lift weights and build their muscles; a survey conducted by the Gym Group in 2016 found that 93% of female gym users incorporated resistance training into their regular exercise routines and 65% lifted up to three times per week. [1] “For me, lifting weights was saying ‘I’m going to become a strong, independent woman’ and that's what it did for ...



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    Pretty Athletic: natural beauty for active women

    There are over two million Instagram posts tagged with #gymselfie, and while the rise of athleisure has made it easy to look stylish when working out, many women also want to put their best face on. Pretty Athletic caters to this demand with skin care products specially made for fitness fans.

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    How do adventure sports empower women?

    To win over female customers, sports brands are presenting exercise as a way to get physically – and mentally – stronger. Women are bypassing gyms, and opting for wilderness adventures instead. What drives this shift in behaviour and how does it affect the way women perceive themselves?

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    Run Dem Crew: getting fit with an inclusive community

    Getting active isn’t always easy. How long should you exercise for and where? When do you know you’ve really pushed yourself? Signing on youths and yuppies alike, London-based Run Dem Crew wants to prove that running is for everyone – as long as they’re willing to ‘run hard, fast, and strong’.

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    KOBOX: the rise of boutique boxing for women

    Boxing has already shaken up boutique fitness in the US, and it’s now arrived in London with KOBOX, which offers a non-contact version of the sport where people learn to throw punches and fight in a ring. Why are women swapping a slog on the treadmill for something a lot more powerful?