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  • What role does ‘choice architecture’ play in decision-making?
  • What role does ‘choice architecture’ play in decision-making?
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How can behavioural economics nudge for good?

Following news of how Facebook data was used to affect voting behaviours in the US, the politics of nudging has come under scrutiny. In advance of Nudgestock 2018, Canvas8 spoke to Rory Sutherland, founder of Ogilvy Change, to discuss what it means to nudge ethically.

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What motivates your choices? Social psychology suggests you might be influenced to buy an electric car by the ‘social proof’ of other people driving them, or that your own context might bias you against empathising with people affected by a natural disaster because you haven’t experienced one yourself. Behavioural economics takes these natural cognitive biases – along with insights from other branches of science and philosophy – and finds ways to present choices to people in the hope of improving their decisions. One way of doing this is by changing choice architecture.

Yet the challenge of behavioural ...



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    Why technology alone can’t change human behaviour

    Richard Shotton, author of The Choice Factory, argues that tech alone isn’t changing people’s core behaviours. Canvas8 speaks to Shotton about the behavioural biases that can be applied to help brands better understand consumers and shape behaviour.

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    A, B or C? The science of making the best decision

    People make thousands of decisions daily, from what to watch on TV to what to eat for lunch. Canvas8 spoke to Shankha Basu, assistant professor of marketing at Leeds University Business School, to find out why people make better decisions when options are presented together, rather than one by one.

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    How do you solve a problem with nudges?

    How can lollipops, ‘wizards’ and dog shows help bring communities together and fight criminal or disruptive behaviour? Canvas8 spoke with Stevyn Colgan, author of Why Did the Policeman Cross the Road? and Nudgestock speaker, to find out how you can nudge people to solve a problem.

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    How behavioural economics can spark a creative uprising

    From the IPA’s Behavioural Economics Initiative to the UK government’s ‘Nudge Unit’, a new grasp of emotionally-led behaviour is revealing powerful consumer insights. Rory Sutherland and Nick Morris discuss how behavioural economics is leading marketers to new creative heights.