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  • Square one isn’t always the best starting point
  • Square one isn’t always the best starting point
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Start at the end! The science of backward planning

From moving, to arranging a wedding, we often plan chronologically. But is this the best way to achieve our goals? Canvas8 spoke to Dr. Jooyoung Park, an assistant professor at Peking University HSBC Business School, about how backwards planning can pave a better path towards success.

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When planning for the future, where do you start? Take organising a wedding as an example. From announcing the engagement to choosing a menu to inviting guests, there’s a lot to consider. And research conducted by Hitched.co.uk has found that finding the right venue is the top priority for brides-to-be, above setting a budget or guestlist. But with 40% of couples saying that the process is ‘extremely stressful’, planning for the big day is far from easy.

Part of the reason for this difficulty is that people have a tendency to think in the short-term ...



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    With over a million ‘boomerang kids’ in the UK living back with their parents, returning to the family home after university has become the new normal for Gen Yers. And many of them don’t expect to get their own place anytime soon, despite the tensions such living arrangements can create.

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    Between a competitive job market and ruthless college applications, graduating high school is a daunting concept for many Gen Zers. The Mayor of Chicago wants to help them leave on the right foot by making it mandatory for students to prove they have a plan of action before they can graduate.

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    For many people, thinking about a pension is boring, daunting or too far away to even consider. Yet with research suggesting that saving early on is the best way to ensure a comfortable retirement, how can pension providers and the government encourage people to set aside some money for later life?