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  • Is there a space for ‘dumb phones’ in the modern mobile market?
  • Is there a space for ‘dumb phones’ in the modern mobile market?
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Nokia 8110: a nostalgic device for digital detoxing

Coveted in the late ‘90s due to its cameo in sci-fi blockbuster The Matrix, the Nokia 8110 is being relaunched in 2018 with a few upgrades. While it was previously a symbol of futuristic tech, it’s now positioned as a nostalgic device that can help owners break free of constant connectivity.

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Since it acquired a licensing agreement from Microsoft in 2016 to produce Nokia-branded handsets, Finnish firm HMD Global has placed an emphasis on reviving the market for feature phones – devices that can only manage essential functions such as calls, texts and basic web browsing. [1] As part of its commitment to simple and affordable tech, it is re-releasing the Nokia 8110, a curved sliding phone that debuted on the market in 1996.





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    Hold: rewarding smartphone addicts for switching off

    Digital distractions are harming Gen Z’s ability to learn, with 60% of teens having neglected school work due to the allure of their smartphones. By offering a range of steadily increasing rewards, the Hold app is giving students a reason to put down their devices and concentrate in the classroom.

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    Why technology should be less intrusive

    We’re now constantly connected – the average person checks their phone 150 times a day – but it’s an unwanted burden for many. Canvas8 spoke with cyborg anthropologist Amber Case, author of Calm Technology, to understand the importance of designing tech that respects people’s limited attention.

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    Yondr: sweeping people up in smartphone-free experiences

    We’re constantly on our phones, using them to document our lives rather than enjoying the moment. US start-up Yondr aims to improve the live music experience by creating tech-free spaces that block signal too. But do Gen Y really want to miss out on that perfect Instagram opportunity?

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    Those were the days! The science of nostalgia

    Whether it’s Secret Cinema taking people Back to the Future, or the revival of classic shows like Twin Peaks, the promise of a nostalgic experience is a big consumer draw. Andrew Abeyta, who studies the psychology of nostalgia, explains to Canvas8 how reflecting on the past can affect us today.