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  • How are black Americans influencing brands?
  • How are black Americans influencing brands?
    Vonecia Carswell, Creative Commons (2018) ©

Why black Americans expect authenticity from brands

From the record-breaking Black Panther, to viral ‘Black Twitter’ memes, it’s clear that black Americans are cultural catalysts. Canvas8 talks to Jerome Williams, marketing professor at Rutgers University and founder of Walker & Company, Tristan Walker, about how black Americans are influencing culture.

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From how Rihanna’s Fenty Beauty earned $72 million in media value in its first month of existence to how Black Panther raked in $212 million over its opening weekend, the tastes of black Americans are shaping contemporary America. [1][2] For many black Americans, brand loyalty and community loyalty can go hand-in-hand – and, as the success of Fenty Beauty and Black Panther show – when a brand speaks authentically to black American communities, support is manifold.

Though black consumers have been shaping mainstream tastes for decades, “consumers of today have more clout than consumers ...



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