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  • Why are women choosing climbing, over fitness classes?
  • Why are women choosing climbing, over fitness classes?
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How do adventure sports empower women?

To win over female customers, sports brands are presenting exercise as a way to get physically – and mentally – stronger. Women are bypassing gyms, and opting for wilderness adventures instead. What drives this shift in behaviour and how does it affect the way women perceive themselves?

Location North America / Northern Europe

With #metoo in the news, the conversation about ‘female empowerment’ is more current now than ever. Google Trends reveals that interest in the subject has doubled over the last five years. [1] In that time, women have officially begun dominating higher education and their leadership skills have been linked to better company performance. [2][3] Still, the gender pay gap has barely shifted in a generation. [4]

Some suggest this is a result of women having lower confidence than men and invite women to address this by getting out of their comfort ...



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    What do women want from an empowering brand?

    While nearly half of women say they prefer to buy from companies that challenge gender stereotypes, branded feminism in the form of pink-washed products and #girlpower hashtags is often seen as insensitive and unimpressive. So, how can marketers empower women in an authentic way?

  • Netball could get British women fit

    Netball could get British women fit

    For many British women, the words ‘goal attack’ are enough to send a shiver their spine, recalling the borderline traumatic PE lessons of their teens. But the British government is on a mission to change that, pledging nearly £17 million to help get women back on the netball court.

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    How extreme sports hit new heights

    Extreme sports have long been associated with risky behaviour, yet you’re fifty times more likely to pick up an injury playing rugby than rock climbing. Now, some of these supposedly perilous pursuits may be making their way into the 2020 Olympics. So is ‘extreme’ about to go mainstream?

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    KOBOX: the rise of boutique boxing for women

    Boxing has already shaken up boutique fitness in the US, and it’s now arrived in London with KOBOX, which offers a non-contact version of the sport where people learn to throw punches and fight in a ring. Why are women swapping a slog on the treadmill for something a lot more powerful?