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  • How is Giftcoin changing the way people donate?
  • How is Giftcoin changing the way people donate?
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Giftcoin: charitable giving goes transparent

Giftcoin is the world’s first cryptocurrency designed for transparent charitable giving. Could this use of cryptocurrency – which was until recently an alternative or niche way of spending – be a step towards seeing radical ideas becoming mainstream models?

Location United Kingdom

“Last year was an interesting time, things like Grenfell, natural disasters in the US and the Syrian refugee crisis. And I found myself incredibly moved by these things when watching the news, but also realised that I had a reluctance to donate money to help because of a lack of trust as to where that money is going to end up,” explains founder of Giftcoin Alex Howard. [1]

Launching in March 2018, Giftcoin is the world’s first cryptocurrency designed for charitable giving and good causes. Individuals are able to donate in Giftcoin directly to charities and causes ...



  • Article image How is the culture of charity changing?

    From donating money at the click of a button to buying into a brand because it supports a shared personal cause, the way people interact with charities is changing. What societal shifts are driving this? And what do companies and charities need to do to stay connected and current?

  • People don’t trust for-profit social initiatives People don’t trust for-profit social initiatives

    Research has found that people are more mistrustful of for-profit social initiatives than non-profits or regular businesses. With many such projects straddling the line between business and charity, people find their mixed messages confusing and contradictory – and it's impacting their appeal.

  • Article image What’s next for charities in a low-trust society?

    High-profile news stories of fraud and mismanagement have seen public trust in the charity sector diminish. With Britons also put off by aggressive fundraising tactics and more carefully scrutinising how their donations are spent, how can charities regain people’s confidence and support?

  • Article image Barclays contactless: give to charity without cash

    British charities missed out on £80 million in 2016 due to cash-only donation systems. In an effort to combat this, Barclays has launched donation boxes that accept card-based payments, theorising that a seamless payment system could lead to a spike in random acts of giving.