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  • How can a novel soap make breast exams less scary?
  • How can a novel soap make breast exams less scary?
    Mitchell Orr, Creative Commons (2017) ©

BoobSoap: a playful nudge to self-check

Around 5,000 women under the age of 45 are diagnosed with breast cancer every year, and while self-checks are a vital part of early detection, fear and ignorance inhibit the examination of lumps and bumps. So, how can a simple bar of soap nudge young women to regularly check themselves?

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From #everybodyisbeautiful to #effyourbeautystandards, body-positive hashtags on Instagram are helping women to celebrate ‘thickness’ and embrace their acne. But a study published in 2018 has found that perfect body ideals do still exist – and they could be having a negative impact on women’s preventative health measures. According to the research, women who are dissatisfied with their breast size are less likely to carry out regular self-examinations, less confident about detecting a change, and more likely to delay seeing their doctor. A third of those surveyed admitted they rarely or never engaged in breast self-examination, and one in ten ...



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    Why attitudes towards the menopause are changing

    The ‘change’, ‘time of life’ or – more simply – the menopause, remains a taboo topic for many; 70% of menopausal women don’t inform their employer that they’re experiencing symptoms. But how are they coping and how is increased media coverage changing the way this life stage is discussed?

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    How do you solve a problem with nudges?

    How can lollipops, ‘wizards’ and dog shows help bring communities together and fight criminal or disruptive behaviour? Canvas8 spoke with Stevyn Colgan, author of Why Did the Policeman Cross the Road? and Nudgestock speaker, to find out how you can nudge people to solve a problem.

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    Man Boobs for Boobs: freeing the nipple for cancer

    When cancer charity MACMA found that 67% of women don’t check their breasts, it aimed to create a viral ‘how-to’ guide. But as Facebook and Insta remove images of women’s nipples, how could it show a self-exam if it couldn’t even show a pair of boobs? It found a loophole – use 'moobs' instead.

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    YOU-app: get healthier and happier one step at a time

    Setting unrealistic goals is something we all do, especially when it comes to self-improvement. We strive to be fitter, smarter, kinder, or to eat more healthily. But shaking off old habits is hard. Sometimes we don’t even get started. Can a step-by-step app, informed by behavioural science, come to our rescue?