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  • Super Bowl 2018: the insights behind the ads
    Tourism Australia (2018) ©

Super Bowl 2018: the insights behind the ads

How did celebrities help out when Alexa lost her voice? Why did Australia create a fake movie trailer? And is every advert on TV just another Tide spot? Canvas8 unpicks the behaviors that underpinned eight notable campaigns from the 2018 Super Bowl.

Location United States

Every year, the Super Bowl showcases big-budget ads to millions of viewers. But what can we learn from the behaviours that underpin America’s biggest campaigns? At Canvas8, we always want to know why. Why did Alexa lose her voice? Why did Australia create a fake movie trailer? And why did every ad become a Tide ad? Canvas8 has unpicked the behaviors that underpinned eight notable campaigns from the 2018 Super Bowl.

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  • Article image VisitBritain: pulling tourists in through the silver screen

    A campaign launched by VisitBritain in 2017 puts a familiar face at the heart of tourism in the UK – Paddington Bear. As holiday-makers increasingly seek out experiences, some are finding inspiration in their favourite films and shows. But why do we want to act out the movies on our vacations?

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    Gen Z may be the most diverse generation yet, but minority groups in the UK and US continue to face discrimination – so developing effective ways to include disadvantaged groups is more pressing than ever. Canvas8 spoke to June Sarpong, author of Diversify, to uncover the benefits of inclusivity.

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    In the US, the fast food industry is under an unprecedented amount of pressure from fast casual chains and increasingly health-conscious consumption. How has Burger King’s Mac n’ Cheetos – a Frankenfood snack of fried cheese sticks dusted in Cheetos flavouring – gained success in this tough market?

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    When life gives you lemons, make lemonade. And with the music industry in flux, that's exactly what Beyoncé has done. Lemonade debuted on HBO, before being released exclusively on Tidal, seeing sign-ups surge accordingly. Is this what the future of the album launch looks like?