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  • How can a dating-style app help mums feel less lonely?
  • How can a dating-style app help mums feel less lonely?
    Peanut (2017) ©

Peanut: swiping right for new mum mates

The UK’s NCT has long provided new parents with expert info and a route to a new set of pals. But the pricey classes and ideological zealotry mean that many mums are after an alternative. Enter Peanut, which applies a Tinder-like model to friendship, easing anxieties at this stressful life stage.

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From BFP (big fat positive pregnancy test) to DH (dear husband) to SAHM (stay at home mum), reading mum blogs can be a bit like learning a new language for the uninitiated novice. Equally, the thought of turning up to a playgroup solo can feel overwhelming for new mums. And while the National Childbirth Trust (NCT) has been running groups in the UK for the past 60 years with the aim of educating parents and providing them with a support network, the ‘breast is best’ mantra and expensive price tag means that many mothers forgo signing up. Based on ...



  • Article image My Expert Midwife: taking the taboo out of tearing

    During pregnancy, a mother’s medical health is closely monitored, but issues like skin changes and discomfort typically receive little attention. My Expert Midwife tackles this with premium, all-natural skin care products, addressing the awkwardness around pregnant bodies in the process.

  • Article image Hello Mamas: a digital space for new mums to meet

    Between dirty nappies, sleepless nights and screaming kids, being a parent is tough. This is a time when having a good support network is key, but 82% of mums find it difficult to make friends. Enter Hello Mamas, a social networking platform that connects mothers in a bid to form friendships.

  • Article image Are new mums and dads becoming ‘drone parents’?

    In the US, 83% of new mums are Gen Yers, and though 88% of this generation want to avoid becoming a ‘helicopter parent’, many are happy to use tech to check on their kids. In the second of a two-part report, we ask if more dads will take paternity leave, and look at the rise of the ‘drone parent’.

  • pkBoo helps new parents fight postnatal depression pkBoo helps new parents fight postnatal depression

    Bringing a new person into this world can be one of the happiest, yet most alienating, moments in someone's life. Postnatal depression is hardly a unknown affliction, but many are hesitant to seek help through formal channels. Now, pkBoo makes it easy for new parents to get support.