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  • SirPlus is helping Germans curb food wastage
  • SirPlus is helping Germans curb food wastage
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SirPlus: rescuing food from waste

Germany has a big problem when it comes to food wastage, which is contributing to the country’s carbon emissions. That’s why SirPlus, a supermarket that only sells ‘rescued food’, has been created, helping people minimise their impact on the environment while picking up their groceries.

Location Germany

Germany is a world leader when it comes to eco-consciousness, ranking fifth for environmental sustainability in 2016. [1] At the same time, however, Germans are some of the worst offenders when it comes to wasting food – and it’s having a dramatic effect on the country’s greenhouse emissions. That’s why crowdfunded supermarket SirPlus only sells ‘rescued food’ – produce that has been saved from going to waste at some point in the supply chain, either due to overproduction, going past its best before date, or being rejected for aesthetic reasons. “We wanted to make food-saving mainstream and ...



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