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  • What are the 'go to' choices for media and entertainment for UK Boomers?
  • What are the 'go to' choices for media and entertainment for UK Boomers?
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UK Boomers on media and entertainment

Almost 70% of Boomers say they're ‘tech adopters’, but which media and entertainment do Boomers most enjoy using and what are they willing to pay for? Canvas8 spoke to 20 British men and women aged 50-69 to get a better understanding of their relationship with media and entertainment.

Location United Kingdom

“The older you are, the more likely you rely on traditional sources. If you grew up with the internet, you probably use the internet,” commented Jeff Dunn in Business Insider. He was writing about a survey by Statista that showed that Boomers prefer to get their news from TV, which also happens to be their favourite device to use at home. [1][2] However, this doesn’t mean that they’re not receptive to new technology. The majority of Boomers (69%) say they’re ‘tech adopters’ and are willing to embrace innovation. [3]

They’ll dabble with various ...



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