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  • How are people turning jobs into careers they truly love?
  • How are people turning jobs into careers they truly love?
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A sector snapshot of careers

How are Gen Zers giving their careers a head start? Why are people turning their backs on ‘busyness’ for a healthier work-life balance? How are they turning their passions into legitimate careers? And what are employers doing to ensure that the workplace is as inclusive as possible?

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In the January 2018 Sector Snapshot of careers, we reveal how Gen Z teens are getting a head start on their careers, how people are setting their own work-life boundaries, people that have turned their passion into a meaningful career, and how employers are actively seeking diversity and inclusivity in the workplace.

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  • Article image Why organisations should invest in diversity

    Gen Z may be the most diverse generation yet, but minority groups in the UK and US continue to face discrimination – so developing effective ways to include disadvantaged groups is more pressing than ever. Canvas8 spoke to June Sarpong, author of Diversify, to uncover the benefits of inclusivity.

  • Article image WeGrow: turning school kids into entrepreneurs

    WeWork is now a $20 billion behemoth trading in gig economy lifestyle – providing everything from co-living spaces to freelance-friendly gyms. It's looking to grow its own future clientele by teaching entrepreneurship to kids – but do people want brands to intervene in education?

  • Article image 2018 Expert Outlook on Careers

    Do people want meaning more than money? Can micro-credentialing change how companies hire new talent? And what is the cost of widespread burnout? In this part of the 2018 Expert Outlook series, we speak to three careers experts about how our relationship to work is changing. 

  • Article image How can brands help to banish the Monday blues?

    ‘Monday blues’ may be attributed to a series of factors, but most boil down to anxieties about returning to work. As this phenomenon gains traction in social science, how are brands turning the concept on its head to energise and empower people on the first day of the working week?

  • Article image Ginibee: pairing job-sharers for a flexible workforce

    A regular nine-to-five from Monday to Friday isn’t for everyone. In fact, 87% of British employees either work or want to work flexibly, freeing up time for their families or passion projects. Ginibee aims to help these individuals – and their employers – by splitting their job with another person.

  • Article image Pickle: helping Gen Z sell their skills

    Gen Zers are an ambitious bunch – 76% see themselves as ‘the owners of their careers’, in control of shaping their own paths. The Pickle app is helping these side hustlers sell their skills, connecting them with odd jobs and dares from painting walls to collecting shopping to shaving one’s head.

  • Article image Why being a butcher is the coolest job on the block

    In today’s economy – in which ‘good’ jobs are typically knowledge- or tech-based – many well-educated young Americans are now choosing to pursue traditionally low-status careers. Canvas8 spoke to Richard Ocejo, author of Masters of Craft, to learn why it’s cool to be a butcher or a barber.

  • Article image How can you motivate a workforce?

    The average person spends 90,000 hours at work over their lifetime, so it’s fair to want one’s efforts over that time to feel worthwhile. Canvas8 spoke with leadership researcher and coach Susan Fowler about what a new understanding of the human psyche means for workplace motivation.