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  • What does online reputation mean to a brand?
  • What does online reputation mean to a brand?
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What’s your reputation worth?

From Yelp ratings to Google reviews, it’s easy to see if a company’s conduct matches up to its image. And while brand reputation has always been important, the digital age is quantifying it for the first time. How can brands ensure that their ratings are working for them in the best possible way?

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Whether it’s deciding on the restaurant where you’re going to eat dinner or the new phone you’re going to buy, an online review can make or break a decision. In today’s ‘reviews culture,’ everything a person could do or buy comes with a visible stamp of approval – a score that helps them decide whether something is worth their time and money. That score is proving increasingly influential when it comes to consumers’ purchasing decisions; a recent survey by Podium shows that online reviews impact 93% of shoppers. [1]





  • Article image Google Maps Video: reliable reviews using moving images

    Online reviews have become the lifeblood for business in the hospitality industry, with 60% of Americans saying they read restaurant critiques from past customers. But as the written word can only communicate so much, Google is letting influential users post videos of the places they visit on Maps.

  • Article image Userfeeds: fighting fake news by ranking reputation

    The rise of ‘fake news’ has been facilitated by social media platforms such as Facebook and Twitter, through which 62% of Americans keep up-to-date with current affairs. To combat misinformation, Userfeeds has created a system built on blockchain tech that promotes content based on reputation.

  • Article image Why homes and offices are starting to look alike

    Major apps are being redesigned to create a unified mobile experience – and a similar process is taking place in the physical world too. In the second of a two-part report, Canvas8 looks at how the Airspace aesthetic is blending work, home and leisure environments from Sydney to Silicon Valley.

  • Article image Who cares what critics think?

    As professional critics lament their ebbing influence on consumers who increasingly rely on the opinions of online peers, the question is being raised of whether top-down reviewers matter anymore. Are crowdsourced reviews – a sort of ‘online word of mouth’ – the only currency that counts?