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  • How will our relationship with tech change in 2018?
  • How will our relationship with tech change in 2018?
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2018 Expert Outlook on Technology

Do people want more selective social media? Can VR extend to our other senses? And how is AI heightening expectations for personalisation? In this part of the 2018 Expert Outlook series, we speak to three technology experts about how the devices we use are changing us. 

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2018 will see greater integration of all things augmented, virtual and artificial – but with a more sophisticated awareness of their consequences. As AI heightens standards for personalisation at every step of the way, and VR becomes a progressively real escape, people will expect brands to keep up with an increasingly frictionless, seamless world. At the same time, a better understanding of how what happens online can impact real life will have more people turning to filtered networks and services that give them a greater sense of control.

In the communications chapter of our Expert Outlook 2018, Canvas8 speaks to ...



  • Article image Oculus Go: affordable VR for the masses

    Although 2016 was touted to be the year of VR, with the likes of Sony and HTC launching powerful devices, the tech proved too expensive for mainstream audiences. Seeking to make virtual worlds more accessible is the Oculus Go, an affordable headset that doesn’t need a high-end computer to operate.

  • Article image Vuforia Chalk: applying AR for practical purposes

    Augmented reality entered mainstream consciousness through mobile gaming and marketing gimmicks, but we're now seeing more practical uses such as videoconferencing app Vuforia Chalk. Is there an appetite for serious AR tools or do people think the tech is just good for fun?

  • Article image Levi’s Virtual Stylist: finding the perfect fit with a bot

    Online sales account for just 17% of spending on denim in the US – no surprise given that finding the perfect fitting jeans can require multiple store visits. Levi’s aims to change that with its Virtual Stylist, a chatbot that learns a user’s ideal style and fit before making recommendations.

  • Article image How should virtual assistants speak?

    As more and more people worldwide use virtual assistants such as Siri and Alexa, both within homes and on the go, it’s becoming increasingly important for brands to consider how these AIs respond with their ‘voices’. What should they sound like, and what kind of tone should they take with users?