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  • PayKey is streamlining mobile payments
  • PayKey is streamlining mobile payments
    Strelka Institute of Media, Architecture and Design, Creative Commons (2017) ©

PayKey: payments at the tap of a keyboard

From splitting the bill to seamlessly shopping, people are using peer-to-peer (P2P) payment apps for speed and convenience. PayKey cuts out the hassle of opening up yet another app to settle up by making bank-connected payments available straight from a user’s mobile keyboard.

Location United States

From Venmo to Paypal, P2P payments have become a new ‘social norm’, with 62% of American Gen Yers using these services to split the bill, pay friends back or order goods online. [1] But rather than having users log into standalone money-sending apps, PayKey aims to make the option to settle up available within any app, thanks to a little button on a user’s keyboard. [2]





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