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  • Are media subscription services always beneficial for consumers?
  • Are media subscription services always beneficial for consumers?
    Rhett Noonan, Creative Commons (2017) ©

2018 Expert Outlook on Media and Entertainment

How do people pick what to watch in the evening? What role will tech play in music discovery? And how are subscription services changing media consumption habits? In this part of the 2018 Expert Outlook, we speak to three experts about how we’ll entertain ourselves in the coming year.

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2017 saw subscription model extend across music, TV, and games. With so much content now available, curation will become increasingly important in 2018. Watching, listening, and playing have become more insular pastimes, with smaller, personalised devices now the norm. Advertisers are having to create more engaging campaigns that people don’t just ‘skip’.

In the Media and Entertainment chapter of the 2018 Expert Outlook, Canvas8 speaks to David Price, director of insights and analysis at the IFPI; Nina Evans, talent and music producer for the Channel 4 daytime show Sunday Brunch; and Ian Dransfield, a games journalist who has written ...



  • Article image HQ Trivia: a live game show on your smartphone

    While families across the US once gathered in living rooms at 7pm to watch Jeopardy!, 2017’s hottest game show isn’t aired on TV at all. Instead, HQ Trivia, founded by the creators of Vine, sees people scheduling in time on their smartphones to interact with a host in real-time and win real prizes.

  • Article image FIFA 18: blurring boundaries between the real and virtual

    Each year, millions of people around the world eagerly snap up the latest instalment in the FIFA video game series. But beyond updating squad lists, graphics and in-game mechanics, how is EA Sports positioning the 2018 edition to find new audiences while keeping loyal fans satisfied?

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    Digital media have transformed leisure time with friends and family, with on-demand entertainment enabling people to bond with others on their own schedule. But with Netflix cheating and video game griefing increasingly common issues, do we need a new guide on social and technological etiquette?

  • Article image Scoop: VIP screenings from your sofa

    Hollywood studios have been using preview screenings to test movies in front of audiences for decades. Streaming platform Scoop is now letting people watch upcoming flicks from the comfort of their own sofa, while helping producers and film-makers gain feedback from a targeted, global audience.