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  • How has the game show format been adapted for the digital age?
  • How has the game show format been adapted for the digital age?
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HQ Trivia: a live game show on your smartphone

While families across the US once gathered in living rooms at 7pm to watch Jeopardy!, 2017’s hottest game show isn’t aired on TV at all. Instead, HQ Trivia, founded by the creators of Vine, sees people scheduling in time on their smartphones to interact with a host in real-time and win real prizes.

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The hottest game show craze of 2017 can’t be watched on your living room TV. Instead, HQ Trivia has audiences scheduling in time on their smartphones to play what’s being called the “live game show for the Snapchat generation.” [1] Founded by the creators of Vine, it is streamed on a dedicated app twice every weekday and once a day on weekends, with players able to interact with a real host and win real prizes. Since debuting in July 2017, single games can now attract over 90,000 players. [2]





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