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  • Why does the start of the working week inspire so much dread?
  • Why does the start of the working week inspire so much dread?
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How can brands help to banish the Monday blues?

‘Monday blues’ may be attributed to a series of factors, but most boil down to anxieties about returning to work. As this phenomenon gains traction in social science, how are brands turning the concept on its head to energise and empower people on the first day of the working week?

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When Brenda Ann Spencer shot two people dead and wounded eight more outside of a San Diego elementary school in 1979, the then-16-year-old simply gave the reason: “I don’t like Mondays.” [1] While there were deeper motives behind her actions and though it’s obvious that not being fond of Mondays is no justification to maim and kill, the sentiment on its own is widespread. A study of 50 million Twitter posts dating back to 2008 found that happiness levels do indeed sink to their lowest level on a Monday, while separate research commissioned by Spotify found that ...



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    Sometimes the simplest solution is the best one. That’s the thinking behind personal kanban, a Japanese management concept that enables projects to run smoothly using just some sticky notes and a board. But are businesses ready to embrace such a modest solution to a complex problem?

  • Article image How can you motivate a workforce?

    The average person spends 90,000 hours at work over their lifetime, so it’s fair to want one’s efforts over that time to feel worthwhile. Canvas8 spoke with leadership researcher and coach Susan Fowler about what a new understanding of the human psyche means for workplace motivation.

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    As the traditional nine-to-five becomes less relevant for present and future workers, Britons are expecting their employers to offer more to help make them happy, healthy and successful. With the costs of low productivity mounting, how can businesses boost wellbeing in the workplace?

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    Streaming has seen the playlist surpass the album in how people choose to listen to music, and Spotify is staying ahead of the game with Discover Weekly, which tailors tracks to each user to make exploration effortless. But how personal can an algorithm-made playlist really be?