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  • Does the hotel matter as much when holidaying at home?
  • Does the hotel matter as much when holidaying at home?
    Clem Onojeghuo, Creative Commons (2016) ©

What do Britons expect from hotels in the UK?

A growing number of Britons opting for holidays on home soil, with 80% saying that staycations are less stressful than trips abroad. But how do they go about finding accommodation? Canvas8 spoke to 20 men and women to understand what’s most important to them when booking a hotel in the UK.

Location United Kingdom

Four in five Britons say that staycations are less stressful than travelling abroad, and with the pound’s devaluation after the EU referendum, the UK is looking like an increasingly attractive holiday destination for locals. [1] “Following the decision on Brexit, the nation's attention has turned back towards Britain and staycations are on the up,” says Catherine Terry, head of marketing at CrossCountry Trains. [2]

So, what does this mean for the UK’s hospitality sector? Staycations tend to be shorter, with more than 50% of domestic holiday-makers saying the trips they’re planning are for ...



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    Staying connected online is a priority for many people. And with Wi-Fi hotspots now on buses, in public spaces and at restaurants, it's becoming more than a priority – it’s an expectation. We don’t like being cut off, and it's affecting people’s decisions when it comes to booking holidays.

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    Just 19% of Brits are planning on packing their suitcases and heading abroad for two weeks in 2015, yet almost half have booked four short trips scattered throughout the year. Why are people ditching the two-week trip of sun, sea and sand in favour of staycations and city breaks?